1. This is paid trolling, right?

    This is paid trolling, right?

  2. I look at facebook and see these expected live events going on. Engagements, kids, job promotions, vacations.

    I look at Tumblr and see obscure art, naked people, cute animals, music, fandoms, hilarious posts (that are mean to those they target!).

    If the two websites were separate islands, I’d be living on Tumblr land. I can deal with the SJW/TriggerWarningAlarmists/OtherAnnoyingShitheads a lot more easily than I can with Facebook. 

    I’d even pay for an extra hour in the ball pit.

    … That’s a lie. I wouldn’t touch that nasty ass pit.

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  4. neil-gaiman:

    I’m finishing the very last short story of the next collection RIGHT NOW. Everything else has been written: the stories, the introduction, all that…

    It’s being published in February, and it will be called TRIGGER WARNING: Short Fictions and Disturbances.

    Dedicated to Tumblr SJW.

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  5. Cold feet. Warm dog.

    Dog likes to sleep by feet.
    No more cold!

  6. When I don’t want to understand a word and want to look at something nice.

  7. There's a "Magic Age" When You Find Your Musical Taste, According to Science

    But I’m close to 30 and still exploring and appreciating music more than I ever did in my late teens and early 20s.

    #sheezy’s fault.

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  8. I forgot to grease the pan. It’s a disposable aluminum one-time use sort of deal and it should be okay. BUT I FORGOT TO GREASE IT. So we’ll see how much things stick. :}

  9. Internet Hell Circle #1

    Internet Hell Circle #1

  10. powerburial:

haha WHOA!


    haha WHOA!

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  11. mudlobster:

    Great. Time for all of tumblr to pretend they thought Robin Williams was the bestestest comedic genius of all time and start flooding the site with unfunny gifsets all week.

    Man, fuck people for dying.

    I like Robin Williams and I’m not looking forward to the sudden surge of inspiration he never gave people before. 

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  12. I like my 2014 version better.

  13. Bought the dog a cheap dog bed for her crate and now she sleeps in it. She didn’t want to before. 

I did a thing.

    Bought the dog a cheap dog bed for her crate and now she sleeps in it. She didn’t want to before.

    I did a thing.


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